About Landsong

Established in 1998 and based at Moberly Lake, British Columbia (BC), Landsong provides exceptional heritage resource management services in BC and Alberta (AB).  We conduct archaeological assessments to meet provincial and federal regulatory processes, and we work with aboriginal communities to coordinate and assist with traditional knowledge and traditional land use assessments.

We value integrity, transparency and hard work in all aspects of our operations.  We embrace our social responsibilities and the safety and well-being of our workers.  We employ and train staff to maintain the highest level of competency and to understand the importance of attention to detail and accuracy.  Our location within a core gas development area and our dedication to establishing respectful relationships with aboriginal communities allows us to bring our value to our clients in a direct and cost effective manner. 

Regulatory Support and Quality Deliverables

We have a thorough knowledge of provincial (AB & BC) and federal regulatory systems.  We support our clients through regulatory processes, by participating in regulatory working groups, writing and/or reviewing client responses to regulatory information requests and assisting with various application documents as required. On several occasions Landsong’s principal, Beth Hrychuk has sat as an expert witness at NEB Hearings.

We produce professional and accurate technical writing, while meeting the unique needs of our clients.  Our reporting is prepared within timelines to accommodate client and regulatory reviews.

Project Management and Customer Service

Landsong clients include industry (oil and gas, mining, hydro, forestry, wind energy, seismic and highways), government ministries and agencies, Aboriginal communities and private land holders.  We are committed to providing services that respond to our clients’ needs within specified timeframes and budgets.  We provide certainty and support to our clients throughout the lifespan of each project.

We manage projects, meet deadlines, prepare accurate estimates of project costs based on real analysis and completing projects on or under budget.  We understand our clients’ policies and procedures, safety requirements, assets and operating areas.  We provide outstanding customer service based on honest and open communications. 

Integrating Technology

We utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for archaeological site plans and report mapping and have created a GIS-based program specifically for the archaeological desktop review process.  We use Toshiba and Getac tablets with custom designed forms to collect all field data leading to more accurate information and the immediate transfer of information from the field to our office.  

We customize available technology, software and equipment to run our operations smoothly and cost-effectively and to maintain the highest level of detail.  We have developed project tracking systems to effectively manage project information, communications, regulatory processes and field progress.